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How to Choose the Aluminum Chassis?

Sheet Metal Box Fabrication
Sheet Metal Box Fabrication

Aluminum alloy chassis is a class of high-end aluminum profiles produced through the process of the chassis, aluminum alloy chassis is mostly used for high-end instrumentation equipment, can also be used for computer mainframe chassis, that we should pay attention to when the acquisition of which places, the next small with you to understand.

1, In the selection of aluminum alloy chassis, the first should check whether the material selected for the chassis aluminum alloy profile, can be determined from the aluminum alloy material texture light, high hardness characteristics.

2, After judging the material of the chassis, the second point is to check the optical drive and USB interface and other parts of the specification specification, whether it is easy to use.

3, The cooling performance of the chassis is also the main basis for the purchase. So you can check whether the chassis has a radiator fan, how the application performance of the fan, the noise of the radiator fan running is not in the acceptable range, and there is no reasonable configuration of the ventilation holes in the area.

4, The fourth point needs to see whether the chassis has a dust removal arrangement. Because the radiator fan after a long time, the cooling fan will accumulate a certain degree of floating ash, if not cleaned up in time will affect the application performance of the fan, and thus affect the cooling effect.

5, And finally we look at the chassis itself has no scratches or damage, effectively ensure the integrity of the chassis.

The above is about the selection of aluminum alloy chassis recommendations, I hope this article will help you.

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