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How do We Fold Sheet Metal?

The following are the basic steps for folding sheet metal.

sheet metal
Sheet Metal

Depending on the thickness of the sheet metal, the desired bending angle and the required accuracy, select the appropriate tool for the job. Depending on the desired bending direction, place the sheet metal in the tool and place the marking line on the top or bottom of the tool. For a bending or folding machine, this may involve lowering the upper beam or blade onto the sheet metal. For hand-held brakes, this may involve bending the sheet metal by hand against the edge of the tool. Check the angle of the bend and adjust the tool or sheet metal as necessary to achieve the desired angle and accuracy.

Repeat these steps as necessary to create multiple folds or complex shapes. It is important to note that folding sheet metal requires precision and expertise to ensure a high quality finished sheet metal product. For complex or high-volume projects, consider working with a professional sheet metal supplier.

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