Advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal processing stamping parts


low cost

Sheet metal stamping is a low-cost manufacturing technology. Its cost is usually lower than other methods, making it an ideal choice for small businesses with limited budgets. Since this method does not require molds or tools to create assemblies or parts, many people believe that it is also low cost. However, the tool free aspect of sheet metal stamping sometimes makes it more expensive because you need to pay for someone’s layout and design work instead of using standardized tools.

Mass production

Sheet metal stamping can produce thousands of identical parts at a time, so this type of manufacturing allows you to effectively manufacture a large number of products while maintaining quality standards. This benefit is mainly applicable to parts with simple shape and no need for mass customization.

Easy to use

Shears, punches and bending dies constitute most of the tools for sheet metal stamping, so this type of manufacturing is relatively easy to learn. If you have employees who are already familiar with basic machine operation, they may know how to punch metal plates without too much trouble.


Sheet metal stamping is a very general manufacturing technology, which can create parts of various shapes and sizes. This makes it a good choice for enterprises that need mass production. In addition, this type of stamping can create simple and complex parts.

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Scrap rate

Sheet metal stamping has an inherent high scrap rate. In order to work normally, the stamping die needs a flat and smooth metal plate surface. If the plate is uneven, the effect will be very poor, and the metal must be scrapped. Because this manufacturing process requires a large area of metal plates, you may waste many small pieces that do not meet the quality standards. Obviously, mass production will increase the amount of waste you have.

Not easy to customize

Simple and clear machine parts that hardly need customization, and the effect of sheet metal stamping technology is the best. Simple shapes and curves make manufacturing easy and cheap. However, due to the design fee and the additional labor cost required to complete the project, you may have to pay more for using this technology on custom projects or highly detailed parts.

Limited design and size options

Sheet metal stamping is the best choice for manufacturing simple parts, but it may not be the best choice if you need a more complex or detailed part. The stamping parts used in sheet metal stamping can not easily produce tight curves or complex details. Therefore, if your part design is complex, you may have to find other methods.

Slow production

Sheet metal stamping is labor-intensive and usually slower than other manufacturing technologies. This can be an important disadvantage if you need a large number of fast-moving products.

If you need many parts fast and low cost, sheet metal stamping is a better choice.

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