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Difference between sheet metal processing and profile metal processing

Differences between sheet metal processing and profile metal processing: with the application of transistors and integrated circuits and the ultra-miniaturization of various components, the structure of sheet metal processing parts cabinet is also developing in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. The cabinet has developed from the whole panel structure to the plug-in box and plug-in structure with a certain size series. The assembly and placement of plug-in boxes and plug-ins can be divided into horizontal placement and vertical placement. The cabinet materials are widely used in steel sheets, steel profiles with various cross-section shapes, aluminum profiles and various engineering plastics. In addition to welding and screw connection, the frame of the cabinet also adopts the bonding process. The cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate or alloy sheet metal, which is used to store computers and related control equipment. It can provide protection for the storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, and place the equipment orderly and orderly, so as to facilitate the protection of equipment in the future. Cabinets are generally divided into server cabinets, network cabinets, console cabinets, etc. The cabinet can be divided into two basic structures: profile and sheet according to the load-bearing, data and manufacturing process of components.

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