custom sheet metal parts

How to practice precision trimmed sheet metal parts?

After getting the drawings, choose different cutting methods according to different opening drawings and batches, including laser, CNC punch, plate cutting, mold, etc. Then open it according to the drawing. Placing the workbench next to the CNC and laser is conducive to placing the plate on the machine for processing and reducing the workload of lifting the plate. Some usable edge materials are placed in the designated place to provide materials for the trial mold when bending. After blanking, the corners, burrs and joints of the workpiece shall be trimmed (polished) as necessary. The tool joint shall be trimmed with a flat file, the workpiece with large burr shall be trimmed with a grinder, and the small inner hole joint shall be trimmed with a corresponding small file to ensure the appearance. At the same time, the trimming of the appearance also ensures the positioning during bending, so that the position of the workpiece against the bending machine during bending is consistent, and ensures the consistent size of the same batch of products.

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