Self-service terminal sheet metal shell

Sheet metal process is a surface treatment process required by self-service terminals, and sheet metal is also a commonly used material for self-service terminals. Due to its complex process treatment, it is difficult for the design of self-service terminals to achieve rich surface changes in appearance. If the surface treatment is not appropriate, the equipment will appear rough and bulky, have no sense of quality, and it is difficult to meet the personalized consumption needs of users. In view of this, professional industrial design companies seek intuitive and concise modeling design in the appearance of self-service terminal design, and on the basis of existing technology, do more and more delicate process treatment on its surface, focus on details, make the equipment feel comfortable, and give people an intuitive, concise and atmospheric aesthetic feeling. The surface treatment of self-service terminal design can also indirectly reflect the professionalism of designers and industrial design companies. The exquisite surface treatment and atmospheric and beautiful shape can highlight the professionalism of the equipment.

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