Difficulties in metal cutting thick plates: it is difficult to maintain constant oxygen purity and pressure in the plate thickness direction

The decrease of oxygen purity is also an important factor affecting the quality of cut when cutting thick plates with metal laser cutting machine. The purity of oxygen flow has a strong influence on the cutting process. When the purity of oxygen flow decreases by 0 9%, the combustion rate of ferrite will decrease by 10%; When the purity decreases by 5%, the combustion rate will decrease by 37%. The decrease of combustion rate will greatly reduce the energy input into the cutting seam during the combustion process and reduce the cutting speed. At the same time, the content of iron in the liquid layer on the cutting surface will increase, which will increase the viscosity of the slag, resulting in difficulty in discharging the slag. In this way, there will be serious slag hanging at the lower part of the notch, making the notch quality difficult to accept. In order to keep the cutting stable, it is required that the purity and pressure of the cutting oxygen flow in the plate thickness direction should be basically kept constant. In the traditional laser cutting process, the common conical nozzle is often used, which can meet the requirements in sheet cutting. However, when cutting thick plates, with the increase of air supply pressure, shock waves are easy to form in the flow field of the nozzle. Shock waves do a lot of harm to the cutting process, reduce the purity of oxygen flow and affect the quality of the cut.

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