Process hole, process groove and notch

There are many factors that affect the process design of the bending structure processing of sheet metal, but three of them have the greatest impact on the workpiece production: process hole, process groove and notch. Improper design of any of these three items may lead to deformation or crack within the bending range of the material, and the material becomes longer and wider. From the perspective of process hole, its design should be combined with practical application, and the adaptability and firmness of the workpiece must be ensured. However, from the perspective of modern aesthetics, the processing of process holes should also pay attention to the overall coordination and aesthetics of the workpiece. Generally speaking, there is a data template for processing process holes. Generally, process holes with a plate thickness of less than 1.2mm can be ignored. The diameter of process holes with a plate thickness of 1.5mm is generally 3.2mm, the diameter of process holes with a plate thickness of 2 and 2.5mm is generally 3.5mm, and the diameter of general process holes with a plate thickness of 3mm is 4.8mm. In terms of the process groove, the bending rate of the embedded bending edge shall be generally determined according to the relevant formula, and the aesthetics of the process groove shall be ensured, so as not to bring uncomfortable feeling to people. The notch design of sheet metal bending structure has its unique design methods and requirements. When the bending edge of sheet metal material is an embedded bending edge, the bending length of the notch must be greater than or equal to the thickness of the plate and the bending radius plus half of the process groove or notch width. The center distance from the hole edge line to the bending half diameter cannot exceed 10mm.

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