Features of convex hull of sheet metal parts

  1. Depth of convex hull

Generally, the depth shall not exceed 3 times of the sheet metal thickness, i.e. h ≤ 3T. If the depth is too large, the convex hull is easy to deform or even crack.

  1. Slope of convex hull

The slope of convex hull is generally not less than 15 °, i.e α ≥15°。 A large slope can ensure the smooth forming of the convex hull of the part and reduce the possibility of sheet metal deformation.

  1. Corner of convex hull

As in deep drawing, the corner of convex hull shall be rounded. The fillet design of the corner part of convex hull can refer to the design of drawing,. 4. Distance between convex hull and surrounding features

The distance between convex hull and convex hull, between convex hull and sheet metal edge, between convex hull and bending edge should not be too close. At least the distance between two sheet metal thicknesses should be guaranteed, otherwise there will be quality problems in convex hull forming, or convex hull will affect the bending quality of sheet metal.

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