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Comparison of machining accuracy: The transmission screw of CNC lathe is high precision ball screw, and the transmission gap between the screw and nut is very small, but it does not mean that there is no gap, and as long as there is a gap, when the screw moves in one direction and then reverses the transmission, it will inevitably produce backlash, and having backlash will affect the repeat positioning accuracy of CNC lathe, thus affecting the machining accuracy. The layout of inclined-bed CNC lathe can directly affect the clearance of X-direction ball screw, and gravity acts directly on the axial direction of the screw, so that the backlash when driving is almost zero. The X-direction screw of flat-bed CNC lathe is not affected by the axial gravity, and the clearance cannot be directly eliminated. This is the innate accuracy advantage brought by the design to the slant-bed CNC lathe.

Comparison of chip removal ability: due to the relationship of gravity slant bed CNC lathe is not easy to produce winding tool, which is conducive to chip removal; at the same time, with the middle screw and guideway protection sheet metal, it can avoid the accumulation of chips on the screw and guideway. The slant bed CNC lathe is generally equipped with automatic chip conveyor, which can automatically remove the chips and increase the effective working time of workers. It is difficult to add automatic chip conveyor to the structure of flat bed.

Comparison of automatic production: the increase of the number of machine tool positions and the configuration of automatic chip conveyor are actually to lay the foundation for automatic production. One person guarding multiple machine tools has always been the direction of machine tool development. The inclined-bed CNC lathe is then equipped with milling power head, automatic feeding machine or robot, automatic loading, one clamping to complete all chip-cutting processes, automatic discharging and automatic chip removal, and it becomes an automatic CNC lathe with high efficiency. The structure of flat-bed CNC lathe is at a disadvantage in automatic production. Although the slant-bed CNC lathe is more advanced than the flat-bed CNC lathe in all aspects, however, the market share is far behind. Flat bed CNC lathe is easy to produce and other advantages occupy more than 90% of the market share of CNC lathe.

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