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How to Clean Sheet Metal Enclosures?

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With the development of today’s society, the sheet metal industry has also developed rapidly. Nowadays, sheet metal is involved in all kinds of industries, including sheet metal enclosures made of sheet metal. However, sheet metal enclosures need to be cleaned after long term use, and the following are ways to clean sheet metal enclosures.

Power supplies are devices that tend to accumulate dust and are seriously affected by temperature. When disassembling the power supply, pay attention to the internal high voltage, and do not disassemble it privately without some relevant knowledge. If not disassembled, you can use a hair dryer strong gear against the power supply air inlet to blow out the dust, and use a hard brush across the fan screen to clean the fan blades.

Use alcohol swabs, wipe on top of the sheet metal housing shell, the alcohol can break down those black dirt, and then wipe the test with a wet hot towel. Repeat this method a few more times.

Cover the dirty part with a damp paper towel, then scrape the surface with your fingernail a little harder, with moderate force, don’t leave scratches, scrape back and forth a few times, take off the damp paper towel, the sheet metal housing shell will become much cleaner. You can also use toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent or other cleaning agents to clean the sheet metal housing, and it is not easy to damage the sheet metal housing.

However, it should be noted that the equipment inside the sheet metal enclosure is not allowed to be disassembled by the user, otherwise the sheet metal manufacturer will not provide warranty. Each part should be taken lightly, is the hard disk, do not bump; on the screws should be loose and tight, in the need for parts of the pad on the insulating sheet; dust maintenance after re-installation of hardware into the sheet metal enclosure, connected to the cable and power supply, without covering the chassis first test run the system to see if the fans are running normally, to see if there is a poor plugging or strange noise.

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