Stamping process terminology

1、 workpiece

The workpiece is the punching part that has completed each process specified in the process document.

2、 Process parts

Process parts are blank or punching parts that have been punched, but need to be further punched.

3、 Loading device

The loading device is a device for feeding process parts into the mold.


4、 Top dead center

The top dead center is the upper end of the sliding block of the press moving up and down.

5、 Bottom dead center

The bottom dead center is the lower end of the up and down movement of the press slider.

6、 skin needling

Burr is a sharp bulge on the edge of the section of the punching part after blanking.

7、 Burr surface

The burr surface is the plane of the blanking part with burr on the edge. For blanking, the burr surface is the plane contacting the punch; For punching, the burr surface is the plane that contacts the die.

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