Strength of spot welding of sheet metal parts

The strength of spot welded joints under tensile load in the direction perpendicular to the panel is positive tensile strength. Because the sharp angle formed between the two plates around the nugget can cause stress concentration and reduce the actual strength of the nugget, the spot welded joints are generally not loaded in this way. The ratio of normal tensile strength to shear strength is usually used as the index to judge the ductility of the joint. The greater the ratio, the better the ductility of the joint.

The joint strength formed by multiple solder joints also depends on the spot distance and solder joint distribution. When the spot distance is small, the strength of the joint will be affected by shunting, and the large spot distance will limit the number of solder joints that can be arranged. Therefore, the maximum joint strength can only be obtained by taking into account the spot distance and the number of solder joints. Multiple columns of solder joints are best staggered rather than rectangular.

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