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What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

china sheet metal, sheet metal china
china sheet metal, sheet metal china

1. Sheet metal fabrication is a product manufacturing process that involves turning thin, flat sheets of metal into pre-programmed structures. Manufacturers use many sheet metal design techniques to achieve this transformation. These include stamping, punching, cutting and bending.

2. The various sheet metal design techniques used by manufacturers ensure versatility while allowing for a wide range of parts and products to be produced. This, combined with sheet metal ductility, shows the vast array of sheet metal designs that manufacturers can perform.

3. Sheet metal parts must be accurate, durable and resistant to environmental factors. These characteristics are critical for end-use applications in certain industries. Therefore, sheet metal fabrication is used to manufacture components for automotive, aerospace, medical and architectural applications.

4. Sheet metal manufacturing starts with a 3D CAD model. During design specification, certification and validation, the CAD file is converted into machine code. This machine code is responsible for guiding the machine with sheet metal design techniques that are well suited to the raw material operation. In short, you can also complete the process by using a range of surface treatments. Click here to email us JIATONG sheet metal supplier for further inquiry and help if you want to custom metal boxes, custom aluminum box or custom sheet metal boxes

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