Outdoor Vending Machine Enclosures

What are the Characteristics of Precision Laser Cutting?


Outdoor Vending Machine Enclosures
Outdoor Vending Machine Enclosures

(1) Wide range: Precision laser cutting processes a wide range of objects, including almost all metallic and non-metallic materials; it is suitable for material sintering, punching, marking, cutting, welding, surface modification and chemical vapor deposition, etc.

(2) High processing accuracy. The laser beam can be focused to very small dimensions, making it particularly suitable for precision processing. The quality of laser precision processing has fewer influencing factors, and the processing accuracy is generally better than other traditional processing methods.

(3) High speed and rapidity. From the viewpoint of processing cycle, EDM processing tools due to high electrode accuracy requirements, high loss, long processing cycle; electrolytic processing of processing cavity, cathode mold design workload, so the manufacturing cycle will also be long; photochemical processing process is relatively cumbersome; and laser precision machining is simple to operate, the width of the cut is easy to adjust and control, can be immediately based on the computer output pattern of high-speed engraving and cutting, processing speed fast, processing and cutting speed, processing cycle is shorter than other methods.

(4) Safe and reliable: Laser precision machining is non-contact machining, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material; compared with EDM and plasma arc machining, its heat-affected zone and deformation are very small, so it can process some very small parts.

(5) Affordable cost: Not limited by the processing quantity, laser processing is more affordable for small batch processing services. For the processing of large products, the mold manufacturing cost of large products is very high, laser processing does not require any mold manufacturing, and laser processing completely avoids the collapsed edge formed when the material is punched and cut, which can significantly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the grade of products.

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